Saturday, March 24, 2007

New to me, but older road bike added to the stable today

An old mtb mate rang last weekend and asked if I wanted to give his old road bike a new home.

It used to be owned by Simon someone or other who was a bit of a gun in his day I'm told.

This Biddle frame is the second one I've seen in NZ - Wayne Morgan from Wellington used to have one (when I was a nipper just getting into road racing) I think he took his to Europe when he went over with Nathan Dalberg.

It used to have Dura ace down tube shifters and brake levers as well, but the bike shop "lost" them when they changed to the STI set up shown. Shame on you bike shop.
The frame at least will no doubt find it's way to DB's place - if it was 57cm square that would be a different story......
Cheers to Graham and Helen for not throwing it out in the trash !

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David Benson said...

Back in the day, Hills Cycles in Queen St used to sell lotsa Biddles. They were rumoured to be made for Bruce Biddle by Daccordi, who were one of the better Italian builders at the time.
Doug Hills had been a mentor to Bruce Biddle during his amateur racing days.