Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mini Randonneur ride - or ride to the pub

You know when you get out on your bike and then realise how farkin' cold it is ?
But you're too far from home to turn around and grab some more gear ?
Yeah, well that wasn't us today - with a predicted high of 2 degrees we already knew it was fingers burning and can't feel your toes stuff before we left my place at 10am sharp - well ok, we had a coffee first.

So call it 10.30.

Plan was to meander towards the Wanaka Airport via a couple of gravel roads, head down towards the Clutha River and make our way along a dual use trail to Luggate - Yes that Luggate.

The one famous for a meat processing plant owned by Sir Tim Wallis back in the day when catching Venison by helicopter was in it's infancy.
Oh, and a big red bridge and a really nice pub.

We chose the pub and beer and chips and some big rolled arm red leather couches in front of a roaring fire.

Fair to say we'll be returning.

One beer was a great start, so we had another - glass jug mate - beat that.
I know that's not a jug in the picture, just saying the beer was carried from the bar in a glass jug.
Anyway, before it turned into three and a lift home we wobbled up the hill and then a few more gravel roads to home.

Keighley had whipped up bacon, leek and potato soup with fresh bread for lunch which was, wait for it, fantastic.
So although we had a good time albeit a cold one, the kids had worn the Mrs a bit thin and consequently I was not flavour of the month upon my return.
Luckily we had hatched a plan whilst enjoying a beer, that one day soon, Leighton & Pauline will take the kids to an agreed location (pub I hear you say) in the truck and Keighley and I will have ridden the Tandem there.
Brilliant.........well until you fill the pilot up with beer it sounds ok :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Queens Birthday Ride 2009 (and more)

Saturday - deliver kids to neighbours.
Go riding with Marc (yes he is a C kind of a guy - not a K) and Hannah - no she isn't riding a 29er.

Collect Callum, Leighton and Pauline; who graciously tore herself away from work to join us.

Wanaka's Stickey/Plantatation forest is riding just mint after the trees got thinned out and tracks cleared.

I think this guy had a hand in it?

Thread the Needle track has been modified and is now my new best favourite track. Basically it climbs UP over the top and then back on itself with a few potential heart stopping moments depending on your level of warp drive.

Thanks to young man with blonde hair who's name I forget and assistance from Wanaka Cycling Club the return passage is now able to be traversed in a higher mode of stupidity.

This was our view - I grizzle constantly about getting it upgraded, but we make do.

**** Introducing something new here after reading PRO review in undisclosed mtb magazine:

Go riding with the Mrs - doesn't happen very often - very cool.
I wasn't on a Satan's Cruiser
Mid winter weather was cold, but sunny
Didn't crash
All riding from the front door
Not waiting for a crowded shuttle bus
No mud to speak of.

I wasn't on a Satan's Cruiser (I am drunk, it's OK)
Camera didn't take very good pictures, but that's ok because all you can see are Satan's Cruisers; 6 of them !
Ok, so that was about Saturday done, Sunday we did not ride our bikes; had visitors from out of town which meant more fantastic home baking and cooking c/- the lovely Mrs.
(I tell you single men out there, check the cooking skills of any prospective two year + potential LTRs)

Monday dawned cold, but clear.

Hugh texted saying he was bringing his singlespeed out, so I thought it would be charitable if I rode my cyclocross bike and informed Leighton as such...he has just bought this:

Reality check.
Hugh had geared his bike up from last ride - 32 x 14 for the day. Yes he blew.
Leighton caved in and rode the Nomad.
I had a ball on the Cannondale and will go out on a limb and say it was easily as much fun as the Karate Monkey and way more of a handful, which made it all the more enteraining.
Leighton hit the ground ( I mean that nicely but it is a hit none the less)
Meatloaf for tea
Watching Hugh slowly disentegrate due to overgearing oversight
Not riding a Santa Cruz 29er or cyclocross bike - if I did ride a Santa Cruz cyclocross bike I would have to abbreviate it to CX to be hip.
Oh, nearly forgot the (and more) part I pre-ambled....
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