Monday, March 26, 2007

Bike of the week: Klein Rascal circa 1992

The history of this bike goes way back.
When we would go away in the bikeshop van to races there would be at least 8 Kleins piled in. They were the thing to have.
I've owned it from new, the two previous frames developing a fault and consequently
replaced by the importer.
So a new frame every year for three years
-pretty happy about that.
Suntour XC Pro groupset (pre microdrive). When you unwrap this
groupo it includes the seatpost, pedals, headset and even the handlebar grips!
One piece aluminium bar and stem combo.
Customised 7 speed (all steel) cluster on the back 13-26 teeth.
Rear entry dropouts - I know not why. Tricky to get the wheel in and out I tell you.
This was my trials, cross country, downhill, uphill and dual slalom bike all in one. I might have slipped the seat down an inch if it was a big down hill, but that entailed carrying two 10mm spanners for the seatbolt. Best we just leave it up then.
23 pounds as you see it.
As much as I don't want to say it: I feel compelled to mention this bike (as shown) won the 1992 national dual slalom championship at Spa Park in Taupo. Oh, it would have had Ritchey megabite tires on it.

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