Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bike of the Week: Benotto Modolo 3000

Yes, it is hanging on our kitchen wall.
I got this online from a young kid in Hamilton about 4-5 years ago I guess. It had a real mish-mash of componentry on it-Campag, Suntour and Shimano. An old cycling buddy from Wellington used to have a mint Champagne coloured one with Campag Super Record on it. My god was that thing sexy. It's still around too.
Anyways when I saw this one, I knew it was worthy of restoring. One of my first forays into Trade Me saw the purchase of this Campag Nuovo Record groupset From Keith Mcleod in Christchurch. DB supplied the Italian (both in colour and brand) Benotto handlebar tape.
It's pretty cool, it's my size and it's Italian.
I have nothing but admiration for those cycling legends that used to punt these things along in the day. It's certainly not a get on and just turn the pedals kind of a bike.
How about those friction downtube shifters huh?

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