Sunday, January 7, 2007

Riverhead Strikes Back

Whilst the evil empire of Star Wars was getting a re-run on TV in the last few weeks, so to have our merry band of bikers been out fighting the evil gorse in the sometimes dry neighbourhood of Riverhead forest,West Auckland.
Twice now a small group has doubled in size quite by chance- I'm guessing no amount of organising could willingly bring 12-14 riders together for a 3-4 hour spin around the hills.
"10am at the picnic ground carpark" seems to work pretty well though.
Tom tried valiantly to assume the roll of group leader, but Skoda and his group of Mavericks sure do know how to loop some trails together.
I on the other hand bow to everyone's superior knowledge and it has been years ('98) since I put a few miles under the tires here.
New recruits Helen & Steve were still talking to us back at the carpark and we even got an invite round to their place for dinner afterwards. Can't have been all bad.
I will nominate myself for (so far) best after ride meal-steak that had been bbq'd the night before, marinated in olive oil, soy sauce and garlic. Then turned into sammies with mustard, mayo and garden fresh lettuce. Coffee was also layed on via a thermos, plunger and freshly ground coffee.
The challenge has been presented.................
Hopefully DB will front up with some pictures to enhance this blog experience for you all.

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David Benson said...

Nice work with the post ride lunch.
Photos to follow tonight.