Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Scott Endorphion rides again

This picture was the last time it was going as a singlespeed, but I've been pondering it's potential as a suitable steed for the 44km course at the Coville Connection. With over 1000 metres of elevation to climb, the dual suspension just seems like 5-6 pounds too much bike to cart up the hills.
The latest incarnation shows it sporting 3 x 9 gearing borrowed from Keighley's Klein. My XTR wheelset, new cluster and chain-mismatched of course. Sram/Shimano. Titanium stem, Z2 bombers that are way past their best and the usual assortment of goodies that have appeared on other bikes over the years. Coming in at 26 pounds, which is only 1 pound heavier than the Merlin singlespeed-I'm happy. I may not be so complimentary after riding it this afternoon....
**Post ride update**
My god. it worked great. A little cable stretch to take up, but that was it. Surprisingly it jumps really well-nothing huge but I did get two metres of distance off what I call the launch ramp on Spaghetti stage 2.
Steve and Giant James were on their singles today-Woodhill really turned it on with a sweet ride due to the previous 3-4 days of rain. Man was it hot and humid.
The girls all went out in the morning and we did a baby swap at lunch time. Unfortunately for James he didn't bring the still warm scones out for Kimberly, who had been looking forward to them for oh, not long - around the length of the ride....Bugger.

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