Monday, December 18, 2006

December Retro Ride Report

A smallish group gathered at DB's this month for the grande finale 2006. The usual circuit down past Manukau, out through Alfriston, Twilight Road featuring the King of the Mountain and then down to Clevedon Italian Country Market. We waited in the queue while the country ladies purchased their aubergenes and goats feta cheeses. All we wanted was a damn coffee and quick !

The weather was pleasently warm, the pace was hot thanks to Pete A. laying it down in the big ring, but the author had the red spotty jersey at the top of Twilight Road. Gaz nearly had to change his shorts when he remembered his brakes were probably 30 years old on the descent....

DB was dangerously strong on his Team McCall (rumour has it that it could easily be renamed the Benson special considering the amount of pampering it gets).

Olivia and Vaughn provided good conversation and lingered near the back of the groupetto just hoping the big dogs would give them a turn at the front to wag their tails - next year younglings.
Lunch was put on by the lovely Donna (spokeperson to the stars) for our weary riders upon (pronounced u-pon) their return. Once again a glass of beer or wine was offered - move over donuts.
See you all for the next installment in 2007 when I'm confident there will be a Japanese themed day and a grovel up Ardmore Quarry Road.......not easy in a 42 x 21 !!!

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