Thursday, November 4, 2010

Come in Christchurch; The Redwoods are here

Tomorrow is little Chuckies last day of radiation therapy, so Emily and I left Wanaka and flew to Christchurch to be with the rest of our nearest and dearest.

Leaving them to "re-connect" I took off to run some errands.

Beckenham Cycles where I got to sit in the back of Matt's new van - formerly owned by Cam Cole.

There was an ice cream stain on the back seat, but I hear he's dairy free ?

Anyways, then it was onto Around Again Cycles where I had a shock to deliver.

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Adventure Cycles in Auckland (aka the gimp pit) then this place is next level.

Words cannot do it justice.

If you wanted to rebuild your Morrison Monark with every period correct piece of componentry etc.

then this is the place.

Kids trike -yep no problem; which year sir?

Raleigh Sports with cool curvy top top and 24" wheels - brand new frame on the wall.

Speaking of 24" wheels if you need a new front wheel for that death sled time trial rig from the Olympics in LA circa 1984 - they have them on the hook too.

If ever there is a shortage of Arabesque - these guys have it covered.

I could have bought DB 3-4 frames in his size that he would have been fizzing over...

GB stems - sure thing.

It really was like I'd put Frodo's ring on my finger and knew I shouldn't have.

I think I was lucky to get out of there with only a pair of 32 hole FIR tubular rims that I probably didn't need.

Resuming normal transmission now I headed to Harringtons Brewery which is similar in the fact that they have, I'd say maybe, 20 beers on tap to fill your own....

"Just a 2 litre of your darkest thanks love"

Only the 3rd time I'd been in there and she remembered Charlie from an earlier visit and was so pleased that it was all working out well thus far.

No surprises I go back there or buy in bottles from our local capitalist supermarket.

Across the road to Cycleways to introduce myself as we've often spoken on the phone - now I can put a face to that Australian voice down the phone....

Phil - their mechanic was regailling us of the time he was in Gordy Macauly's bunch and they were smashing it in a local club race....I thought quite highly of him at that point until he said it was 2 years ago.

I should have said I was riding with John Tomac just last year in Roto Vegas but the moment had passed.

Back home in rush hour traffic which was heavy compared to Wanaka but light for a big little city.

After tea we took the kids for a run around the park opposite the hospital so they're nice and tuckered out for a good nights kip.

Nice one Christchurch - for a strange twist of fate in us being here, you have looked after us well.

Oh this mornings coffee in CHCH was appauling, so we'll be looking for major redemption on that one tomorrow..but their clever marketing was my undoing - a medium was coffee was in fact conjoured by the devil himself and upon delivery was in fact a large cup, with a single shot and cooked milk.

Pah ! i say.

Just wait till tomorrow.

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