Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Round Lake Dunstan "Fun" Ride

If you have been a follower of my sporadic blogging; last January I rode around Lake Dunstan - which is north from Cromwell and a circuit is 92km.

Today I repeated this journey as part of a fund raiser the local Rotary club (not barp barp barp) put on for three reasons:

- The date is 10/10/10

- It's World Mental Health Awareness day and today you'd be well included for riding in that weather

- They donate some funds to the local yoof to make them better individuals and less likely to smash car windows and the like.

Not surprisingly I did ride another bike from last time - welcome the Wilier Cento to the stable.

I finished putting it together at about 8.30 last night.

It's a bitsa of Trade Me purchases and was in better shape than I was after riding 30kms in a tail wind, 20km in a cross wind and 42km into a head wind.

The only major flaw in my last minute approach was the new 10 speed cassette - um I only did the lock ring up finger tight and as it wasn't on my to do list; well it didn't get done.

So it rattled the whole way around.

I did however finish off the brake cables Friday night, wrapped the bar tape yesterday, installed a new old Ultegra rear derailleur ($26) fitted cleats to my new old Sidi shoes that arrived Thursday ($90) realigned the rear brake caliper which sits on the piss in the frame cause Francesco had Chianti for lunch before he installed the brake bridge - but a tapered washer fixed that problem; then after much deliberation (Oli please stop reading you're about to have a cow)

I swapped out the 39/53 chainrings on the Ultegra cranks ($125) for an old Suntour Superbe Pro 42 and a Shimano 52 of unknown prodigy because I figured if I was in the little ring I could just roll a 42 along and spin a 52 in the tailwind...

And it worked sweet - the teeth measure the same width from 7 speed to 10 speed - go figure.

Or my chain will shatter into sideplate oblivion next ride.

Oh, swapped out the stem yesterday too.

Oh and a few weeks back I figured out that I could run Enduro MTB bearing in the external BB cups instead of faffing around with the plastic top hats and they spin pretty good for a modern set up.

Enduro Bearings take no responsibilty for that set up BTW.

Did I mention it was cold ? I even added a long sleeve merino layer under my short sleeve merino layer, then a vest with fluffy collar, a Buff and a riding jersey.

3/4 knicks and I would have murdered a pair off booties today, strange to think they are voted item I'm most likely to purchase next.

+ winter gloves...and a cotton cap of course.

Me and 2 or 3 girls and another guy rolled around the lake in 3.5 hrs and then got hailed on when putting the bike away.

We were all on a first name basis before too long.

Folks a little slower got a southerly and hail out on the course.

2 bottles of water, 2 bananas, 2 muesli bars.

I finally got a spot prize -a little spongy massage ball, not exactly entry fee back, but nice all the same.

Thawing out was in the local swimming pool spa - add one frozen bike rider and gently simmer until the feeling has returned to extremities.

Pictures of today are here

I might stop looking for more fun rides until the weather hits the late 30's which should be xmas.

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