Friday, March 30, 2012

In reply to facebook post of 30/3/2012!/photo.php?fbid=248933215202929&set=a.140499106046341.28180.100002587574083&type=1&theater

Matt Keen: I'm too old to fully gain the benefits of paperboy delivery size wheels.
Ewan Robertson: I'm all about brand loyalty: not counting the 3 Cannondales etc etc in the garage...
Fast Freddy: Oh yeah ! Heaven~
Scott Emmens: thank god for a sane comment
James Service: As Ollie Brook-White reads most FB posts, of course the tires are aligned correctly. Have you read those warning stickers ? A truer word as never spoken. And lets face it. non Mac users would never have spotted it.
James Pollard: I bought it locally, so its OK.
Cam Cole: Fucking pro as always.
Steve Collins: you should see me with ahrdon.
Jono Baddiley: I still get the invites as Keighley is with the dark side, but I choose not to go. Kind of like AA meetings for quitters.
Mary Lou-Roulston: good spotting, obviously posted before the second bottle kicked in.
James Lewis: after al lthe shit I gave you last night, I'm glad we're still talking
Matt Boulcott: arse kisser
Gale Stonë: you could still have me.
Grant Tyrell: mid pack is ok these days, I have a whole Dictionary of excuses.
John Oldale: nobody's mrs has ever complained about an extra 3 inches.
Luke Hollister: ssssssssssssssh. before you know it they will be cool.
Ken Feist: that's what the Cannondale is for, but a JT tribute bike with drops would be so frikken cool....

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