Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hugh called this morning and said we should take a spin alongside the Clutha River that has had about 36 hours of near constant rain....
I think it was just a great excuse to have a pre ride coffee and for Hugh to show of his newly "singled" Orange..

After some fettling in the garage - washers under the too wide chainring bolts & a longer adjustment screw to gie him an easier gear, we donned jackets and headed off.

Within about 400 metres of home the track was under water;

Then we found a little stream to cross - this is normally a damp patch of ground you can walk through in jandels and not get your toes wet.

Today was different however:

Just before Hugh took this pic I had a brief panic as the camera wasn't attached to the handlebars anymore ...."oh crap, it's in the river"

But luckily it had just fallen on the track...

After the submarine impersonation the batteries died, so that was it for pics.....

But we did carry on towards Wanaka township - no more underwater adventures with Captain Nimmo however.

I'd have to say my legs stung like all buggery in the shower....ah, yes brings back my yoof days of road racing when it was a winter season - what was with that ?

The Merlin has since had a soapy bath (as opposed to a river bath) and is drying out in the garage ready for the next installment of madness.

Which could be turning this pig into a singlespeed as well:

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