Monday, December 22, 2008

This post actually belongs before the one below it....

Leighton and Pauline came over from Bannockburn to visit for the weekend.
We used to go riding with them and others most weekends in Auckland.
They up'dsticks and left Auckland about 4 years ago and now reside wherever the roads take them.
Yes, they are transients and between careers. If you call owning a 33 foot caravan homeless then so be it.
Can you help with a food parcel for X-mas, I'm sure it would be appreciated.
I believe the last gainful employment was house painting in Invercargill over winter.
Now that is dedication; getting blasted with a Southerly straight off the South Pole. Sod that.

Anyways, we had a great weekend and rented them our front lawn until x-mas when they headed north to catch up with family.
Leighton got lumbered with all the "fun" jobs I've been putting off for, well ages really.
Let's say his talents as a joiner/cabinet maker weren't really stretched, but he did ok.

They must have stayed about 3 weeks and it was really nice having an extra pair of hands around the place to help out when needed or entertain the kids before dinner, bust out a game of Scrabble (Leighton is very good you know - he lost to Keighley quite badly both times) and go mountain biking with.
Photos from Dirt Park 25kms from here are here

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