Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Boys in Blue

Nah, not the cops - a couple of bikes I own.
One is broke.

& the other one is it for off road at the mo - what's that you say?
No Foes ? Yep it's sold, 1st time in 8 years without a Foes
I've even been de-Kleined !
Indeed the '98 Attitude comp has gone too.

Clark Kent: used to belong to Stephen Swart when he was racing for the Coors Light team in the USA, prior to the team switching to Serottas the next year.
It has unceremoniously been sitting in a bike box for the last 12 months waiting and waiting and waiting......finally after a wiff of cafeine inspiration from I'm into it.
The paint is stuffed and there is a hairline crack in the gusset under the down tube.

So it's off to for some love with the welding torch and then down to Wellington to get some new paint and decals from Ross Bee.
The 8 speed down tube shifter Dura Ace groupset complete with "Coors Light" marker pen on the rims will be re-instated.

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Jeff Black said...

I have that same bike, Formerly Andy Paulins ride. 65cm campy c record, still ride it today.