Monday, April 7, 2008

Monkey gets one gear

With the up and coming single speed nationals happening in a few weeks in Rotovegas, the Karate Monkey has dropped a few things:

-28 gears - now running 34 x 20

-1.5 pounds - now weighs in at 24 pounds
It's first ride, sans gears was a disaster - the wheel pulled over about a zillion times. Luckily I was onto my way to work, so it was a worthy excuse to be late.
Thanks to the guys at Surly I am now the proud owner of: -these are the business and after the installation and second ride there is no more burning rubber on the chainstay.
Just sweet riding.
I dropped the truck off at the mechanics after work and rode home via the Sticky Forest and Outlet (river) trail to home.
I still walked a hill early on - I never said I turned into a smacked up TDF rider just thru having 1 gear.....but riding up Ho Down, which for me on the dualie is a granny/middle chainring affair was just a breeze.
Going down Venus was bumpy in places for sure, but with nothing to do but pedal, carve the corners and occasionally brake it was a blast.
Dublin Back was a smoking descent as was the Sidle track where some kind fellow has trimmed back a few bushes and trees.
All in all, this bike is very cool, a lot of fun and a worthy addition to the stable.
And if some one ponies up with some cash, they can have Keighleys little Klein and then we'll have two Karate Monkeys in the garage.

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