Monday, April 23, 2007

Cannondale XS 800 good to go

Got a race, oops I mean event this weekend -

Time to break out another bike I haven't used in a while. For those interested in such trivia this bike used to belong to Clint Jackson-the X (note the X!) world singlespeed mtb champion 2003.

The left hand STI shifter wasn't working properly, so

I pulled it off, degreased it, prayed to the Shimano gods and somehow it now works. Sweet.

Took it for a spin down the Onehunga walkway on Saturday, then got down to some serious transplation on Sunday morning.

Took off the 105 Octalink cranks with the 24/39/48 chainrings. Tried to put on a set of LX mtb cranks, but the bottom bracket axle was too long.

Plan C ended up putting my 98 XT cranks (22/32/42) mated to a Dura Ace 103mm bottom bracket. works sweet.

New to the bike but old 8 speed cluster 12-28 teeth.

Mavis Cosmic Elite wheels - bugger all spokes but should be ok......famous last words.

New Thomson seatpost and Kevlar topped saddle replaced the plumbers pipe and Turbomatic 2 that was on there....much better.

New, well old second hand chain (couldn't find the one I took off) and a new to me set of SPD pedals which I swapped as part payment for a coffee machine...

There could well be a picture and report after the race....

*****Here is the update: I didn't do the race. I had to trim/hack/cut down the massive hedge running an easy 14 metres down the side of our section. After hanging on the end of a 3 metre extension petrol powered vibrating sword of death I was too shagged to get on my bike......making it down the three steps to the bathroom was bad enough.....................

And it rained too. Not that I'm made out of suger or anything, but it's normally bathed in sunshine. So no thanks.

Oh in more breaking news the family is moving to Wanaka.********************************

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